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April 13th, 2014

The regular Sunday day:

Church – Jon arrives at 8 for set up, does A/V. Amber and kids arrive at 9:30, Amber and one child helper play with nursery kids then tear down nursery.

Lunch – Burgers as usual. Jon stops at Superstore on the way home to purchase frozen burgers, buns and some variation on the french fry. Amber drives home and locates the grill and preheats that and the oven so Jon can cook when he gets home.

Naps – After laying on the floor in a sunbeam for awhile, exercising a little (planks and pushups with Claire on my back), I made my way to my bed to get away from the boys’ bickering.

Frozen – The movie. Still have not seen it enough times.

Twister – Because Claire REALLY wants to play a board game and her first choices don’t appeal to me (Monopoly and Smashed Potatoes).

Dinner – Lasagna and bread! And an episode of Big Brother Canada, because we all need a magazine show to add drama to our lives and teach our kids all about alliances, backdooring, planning and manipulation, right?

Arguing over bath/shower time for over an hour. An hour past bedtime, all kids in bed without baths or showers. No more electronics on Sunday afternoons. Sucks to be them.

House is a mess, glad tomorrow is Monday, kids are in school, Jon is at work for 13 hours and I am not working, so I can take out as many bags of garbage as possible and wash, dry and fold all the laundry from the past week, including the load in the washer that has been washed three times because it just can’t seem to make its way to the dryer. Yeah, that.

And now, BED! Only one hour later than my ideal time. I had a nap though, so it balances, right?

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April 12th, 2014

Today was full!

I was at a nearby rec center at 9:15 for my first kickboxing class, ever. A friend was looking for a group of girls to sign up with her so we could all have a discounted rate. I was in, and I am in, and I LOVED the class! I am looking forward to getting further along because I already know a lot and am not truly a beginner. I did find that holding the pads to receive the punches and kicks gives you more of a workout than actually doing the punches and kicks! LOL

After kickboxing, I drove down to work in the south. I cleaned as fast as I can, only stayed two hours instead of my usual three for Saturday, and didn’t get everything done that I said I would. I don’t know, I just felt like I had other things to do.

While I was on my way home, Jon texted me and asked if I could pick up some ice cream for lunch dessert. His mom and grandma had come over with pizza for a visit, since his grandma was visiting from out of town. I stopped at Dairy Queen and got some ice cream sandwiches and came home to visit with Grandma for an hour or so. After our guests left, I put my boots back on and hopped back into the van to go to stamp club.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be at stamp club in time to actually take part in the crafting. They made some lovely man-cards, which I took pictures of so I can recreate them at home on my own. Man cards are so hard to think up! Anyway, I chatted for a bit, filled out my order form, wrote a cheque and came back home to relax!

I composed and sent my resignation email including a suggestion that we discuss this further when I’m at work on Tuesday. I don’t want to be wimpy and quit through an email, but I did want to give a heads up to the lady who hired me so that maybe she won’t be so mad when I tell her in person. Still feeling so bad about this. It was a mistake. :/

Jon ran out for groceries to make deluxe nachos for late dinner/snack and for the rest of the evening, we’ve really just hung out. The kids are having their regular non-school night sleepover. They are going to have some great stories when they are older. I know I’ll smile when they tell them at family dinners. :)

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April 11th, 2014

So hard to wait for news!!

I am not the most patient person in the world, though I have had people commend me for the patience they see in me. LOL Waiting for the call about the scholarship was very hard today. I kept my phone turned on and ringer turned up at work this morning so that I wouldn’t miss the call. After work, I rushed home to get the kids and then to check the message on our home phone.

Finally, this afternoon it came. Daniel was not chosen to receive the scholarship. I was a little tiny bit disappointed, but not too much because we do have plans in place for our kids’ post secondary and I know that there are others who need this much more than we do. Daniel did not show a bit of sadness, but instead expressed excitement about receiving a plaque saying that he was a finalist. We started rooting for Daniel’s best bud, who was also a finalist. Later this evening, he called Daniel to say that he hadn’t received it, and ask if Daniel was the winner. It’s funny and sweet, they each thought that the other had won. Best friends since kindergarten. :)

This afternoon I did some money math and realized if I keep my job through the summer, the money in my pocket will be less than $25/week after deducting gas and babysitting costs. This realization comes after my spring break paycheck not even covering child care and gas for those two weeks. It’s kind of depressing, but kind of freeing. Of course it doesn’t make sense to keep this job, but my sense of loyalty makes it so hard for me to quit. The people there are so great. I actually love the job and the environment, but the truth is, it hasn’t been so great for my family life, my household, my health.

So, now I need to get up the courage to quit. I hate this part. :/

I took the boys to their evening activities and hung out in the library for a bit and started working on a nutrition project I have given myself. I am realizing why nutritionists are specialists. There is a lot to consider when diet planning, and lots of figuring and researching. I’m excited to see how this turns out too. My fun little experiment. :)

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April 10th, 2014

Today was such a huge day for our family. So much stuff in all areas of work, volunteering, education, family, my spiritual life…just everything.

The day started off with a sweet conversation between Claire and I when I went to wake her up this morning:

Claire opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Mommy, what day is it?”


“Yay! Only one more day until Daddy’s back!!”

I love how my girl just loves her daddy so much. :)

And the most extraordinary thing that has happened in a long time:

All the way home from work I was grumbling in my head about how badly everyone is driving today (a few weeks ago Jon said I’m an aggressive driver; I was thinking today I am the ONLY aggressive driver).

Anyway, I had left work 5 minutes early so I had time to stop at the bank to get money to give the kids for a pizza lunch coming up, and then time to stop at Mac’s to buy water (don’t judge me; I have issues) and a Froster to break the money I got out into fives.

So, I paid for my stuff and as I’m going to grab my water, I see this lady and her little daughter trying to gather up all the groceries they had left at the door when they came in.

Without hesitation, I asked. “Can I give you a ride somewhere?” Kind of surprised myself there. Probably the words didn’t actually come from me.

She accepted, in amazement, and asked if I am from here. LOL

On the ride home we got to know each other. I found out that she lives in the same townhouse complex as me, and has a son at my kids’ school.

Pure sweetness, perfect timing, new neighbour-ish friend, and I won’t forget her name because it is what I was called by most people for most of my life. :D

Then at lunch, Daniel found a letter in the mailbox – his acceptance letter to junior high school. Since it is out of our area and a special program (late French immersion), we needed to do a little extra work in the paperwork to make it happen. It happened, he is in, and he is PUMPED. I’m so so proud of him.

After school, we had a meeting with some people from a local Rotary Club. The Rotary Club awards scholarships to some grade six children in the city every year, and I believe that because our school is in a low-income area, we are one of the schools whose kids get to opportunity to apply every year. The application was about 11 pages long, required a picture and an essay, and two reference letters, and had portions for teachers, the principal and the parents to fill out. In depth for sure!

Well, there are two scholarships awarded – one to a girl and one to a boy. Daniel made the cut to the five finalists, and today’s interview was to get to know him a little better so the “judges” could make a well-informed choice on the winner.

Daniel did AMAZING at this interview. He was not nervous. He was confident and his answers were SO MATURE. Seriously, I’m sure I sat through the entire thing just beaming with pride. I really wish that Jon could have been there to hear the stuff that came out of his son’s mouth. Amazing.

We will find out tomorrow if Daniel will be the boy who will receive this generous gift. He has already said that if he doesn’t win, it’s okay. He told Jon that all the boys that are up for it are really great kids. That makes me even more proud of him. SO PROUD!!

After we came home from the interview, we went out to pick up the pottery we painted last week, then picked up dinner on the way home. It has been a great evening. I love feel good days like this. :)

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April 9th, 2014

No sleep for my hubby, that is. Jon is working his job, overtime, and two fundraising casinos for a total of 31 hours plus about 8 hours of driving over the next 45 hours.

Somehow, our school is always chosen for casinos in April. Tax season. Jon loves doing the casinos, and also feels a bit of an obligation to be there since he is the treasurer of our school’s parent council.

So he does this marathon of work and volunteering for a few days every year and I try to keep things running smoothly at home so that he can just come in and out and not have to think about anything else. This year I’m not doing the best job of this. :/

Today Claire was home because she said she was sick. I didn’t really believe her, but lacked the energy to argue, so we pretty much cuddled all day long.

I dropped the kids off at kids club and went to a new Walmart to buy some groceries. I totally did not pay attention to time, and was rushing through the checkout because I was going to be late to pick up the kids, and then they argued two of my coupons and THEN overcharged me for two items, actually scanning in one item twice. Of course, I didn’t have time to check my bill until I got home, so I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m so annoyed, and probably won’t go back there. The store is dark and still needs a bit more work, I think. It wasn’t a good feeling like I normally get from Walmart, where I could walk around and put things into my cart all night long. LOL Maybe it’s actually a good thing and I should go there more often. ;)

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April 8th, 2014

Such a warm and beautiful day today. The wind kind of took away the full effect of 17+ degrees Celsius, but I SO appreciated the effort.

Work this morning was good, as usual. Discussed the gym and workouts with a couple of guys who seemed surprised that I go to the gym, and got all my stuff done in less time than I needed to.

I got home in time to change before the kids got home for lunch, so I was able to eat with them before heading to school for the afternoon to volunteer in the kindergarten class. It was pretty busy in there today. So many kids come over and chat with me now. Six of them wanted me to check out the kaleidoscopes they made. One of them hugged me when I came into the classroom. :)

At one point I looked over and saw Claire and three other girls squishing together with arms around shoulders trying to take a picture of themselves with the computer. Oh, how that warms my heart. I can’t wait until Claire’s birthday party when she can invite all these little girls to decorate cupcakes and run around the gym with her. I know Claire is well-liked in her class and I’m just elated about that. It’s something I never had.

After school, the boys went out on bikes and to the park, and Claire went to the library with a friend.

Our connection group is canceled for the evening, and so Jon will get to come home after work (he’s working overtime all this week and two casinos), and spend some time in his house with his family before not getting to do that for a few days.

It will be a relaxing sunny Tuesday eve for us. :)

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April 7th, 2014

Oh, sorry, did I yell that?

Today the kids went back to school after two plus weeks of spring break. If it had been a warm and sunny spring break, I don’t think I would have felt as excited to see it end. But with the way the weather was and all of us cooped up in our little house for all that time…I am SO glad that they got to return at last. For their sake and mine.

As for me, I have decided to try a new work schedule arrangement to maybe help myself get accustomed to working. It’s been over a month now and I still haven’t fallen into a comfortable rhythm with cleaning at work, cleaning at home, doing for the kids and Jon what they need me to, working out, being a fun and joyful dayhome provider, children’s and women’s church events, teaching in the church nursery, socializing with friends and family, and taking time to care for me!

I’ve been down a bit, regretting taking this job, feeling like I’m stupid for throwing one more thing into my already busy, yet perfectly joy-filled life! Especially when my pay for the past two weeks was less than $300 and my babysitting costs and gas were more than $300. What am I doing??

Anyway, today I didn’t go to work. I’ve decided to try a Tuesday to Saturday schedule, even though it is going to make my Saturdays stressful and take away any chance at a “weekend”.

I sent the kids off to school, and then I went to the gym. Barbell Blast. Oh yeah, that felt SO GOOD!!

Then I got some groceries.

Then I came home and fed lunch to the kidlets.

I spent the entire afternoon (1.5 hours minus 15 minutes that I used to nap in a tropical-hot sunbeam) folding laundry that I’ve been trying to keep up with washing, but have not kept up with folding. Two weeks worth, and there is still plenty to go.

Funny how adding one little thing (a job) to my life makes my old life (with only one less thing) seem so freaking EASY!

I found out my final mark for my Nutrition course: 100%

I got a phone call from someone giving me GREAT news (that will hopefully turn to even greater news on Thursday evening – will keep you posted).

I got the kids from school and Andrew went to a friend’s place.

We put away lots of laundry.

I took out leftovers for dinner and picked up Andrew.

Claire and I made a recipe from a library book that she has been asking to make for over 3 weeks now (yes, had to renew the book).

The kids all had baths or showers and were in bed almost on time.

The house was reasonably tidy by the time Jon got home from work at 8:45 pm.

I had a HOT Epsom salt bath (finally) and am ready for lights out now before 10:00.

I didn’t need a Coke today. I didn’t crave a Froster. I ate healthily and drank 11 (!) cups of water, and a nutrient-dense smoothie.

I woke up sad about committing myself to a new job, and then I enjoyed my fabulous job-free day. Can’t wait until next Monday. :)

I love myself and I love my family and I have a great life. I hope that soon my job will be a part of this loving and joyful scene.

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April 6th, 2014


After church, Daniel and Josh REALLY wanted to go to the mall so they could buy the Pokemon DSi games, so Jon took them and Claire while I took Andrew bowling.

Andrew was heartbroken that we ended up not bowling on Wednesday and to calm him, I told him I’d take him bowling another day. He asked when, and I said Sunday.

He didn’t forget.

So, we had a great date. Two games of bowling, some mini pizzas, a game of air hockey and some candies from a machine. It was fun, and of all my kids, Andrew is the one who is most vocal and shows in his actions that he really needs one on one time with his parents. I know that he enjoyed every second. I did too.

We decided to watch Saving Mr. Banks as a family tonight. As the movie went on, fewer and fewer of us were watching. The kids just weren’t into it. I did really enjoy the movie, until the end when it didn’t give me enough information for me to wrap it happily up in my head. There are so many movies out there that I just LOVE, then the end comes and I am left with such a pit of unfinished-ness in my gut…Castaway, City of Angels…there are many.

Tonight I am completing the last quiz of my nutrition course, and I will be done! Loved that course. I will definitely be shifting my MOOC focus to Nutrition, for at least the next little while. I hope there are more courses offered!

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April 5th, 2014

Saturday work day!

I worked hard this morning – it has been a couple of weeks since I went in on Saturday to clean the offices. I do enjoy Saturday work.

While I was there, cleaning and bopping to my music, a friend texted to ask if the kids would be interested in watersliding this afternoon. Of course! :D

I brought home lunch for everyone, and we ate and got ready to go. We then had a great time swimming, watersliding, splashing, sitting in sunbeams, and racing and chatting with friends.

We finished off the afternoon with a dinner date and an amazing yo-yo tricks show ( ;) ), and then drove home under beautiful blue spring evening skies. I am seriously loving this warmer weather. I really hope that spring is here to stay; I think mentally I am about DONE with winter.

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April 4th, 2014

The first part of today was kind of wasted. I went to work, then came home with plans to take advantage of the great weather and take the kids hiking.

It turned out that not everyone had hiking footwear, and one person had a sore ankle, so we changed plans to go to a movie at the cheap theater. As we were figuring out what to see, no one was happy, everyone was complaining, so I called it all off, told them all we were just staying home and they should go play somewhere inside or outside.

I was a little grumpy about it all. :/

The evening was good though. I drove Daniel and Josh to their YMCA activity, then dropped off library books, went to the bank and picked up some chips for the women’s event.

I drove back to the Y, picked up Daniel and Josh, let the kids choose some books from the library, and then bought them all frosters and dropped them all off at home. I grabbed some games from our collection and headed off to the women’s event for this month – games night.

It was a really good time. We played the Skittles game for our icebreaker and got to know each other quite well. Then we decided that since there were only eight of us, we’d all play one game – Guesstures. It was funny and fun.

Pretty good day overall, I’d say. :)

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