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April 22nd, 2014

Last night I was making meatballs for tonight’s dinner because Jon is working overtime today and has to go straight to Connection Group from work, so he needed to take a full day of food: lunch, two snacks and dinner.

I wanted to use up the whole package of ground beef and the whole package of Italian sausage so I wouldn’t have to figure out what to do with the leftover meat. To do this, I would have to multiply the rest of the recipe by six.

Jon and I worked together to get all the ingredients into the bowl, and we cooked just about 20 meatballs so Jon could take some to work today for his dinner. I sampled one and it was super spicy. Yummy for me, but I know that Claire and Josh would NOT eat it.

So, today I came home from school and added another package of ground beef to the mix. I hope that it will make it not too spicy for the kids, but just enough spicy for me. We will see.

Hopefully we like them at least a little though, because by the looks of it, we are going to have hundreds of meatballs in our freezer soon. ;)

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April 21st, 2014

Today was a day.

First of all, who knew that Easter Monday was a thing? For years Jon and I have debated this; me saying yes, it’s a stat for lots of places, him saying no it’s not a thing.

Well, guess who works for an employer that honours Easter Monday as a stat now?? ;)

It was very nice since the kids had a PD day and Jon woke me up in the morning saying that the YMCA had a regular class schedule happening today, so I got out of bed and got my butt to the gym before going to get half of my groceries (turned out I stopped writing my grocery list halfway through my meal plan so I didn’t buy anything for dinners. So frustrating!!).

I came home and Jon went to the gym for a class, then he came home for lunch and did homework while the kids moaned and whined that they wanted to go swimming in between fighting and being bossy and playing outside and playing video games and watching various screens. We told them we’d go swimming after they ate dinner.

Well, turns out they didn’t *like* dinner. So they didn’t eat. So we didn’t go swimming.

At 6:30, their sassy grumpy bad attitudes got them sent to their rooms for the evening – to read until they were ready to sleep. Jon and I were DONE listening to them whine and boss and fight, and were tired of the 11 year old’s disrespect.

Jon went out to get the rest of the groceries while I went bedroom to bedroom spending time talking with and tucking each child.

The oldest one and the youngest two took turns crying in rotation.

By 8:30, I had calmed them all down for the most part, tucked them each in at least once, and had one little girl laying on the floor in her bedroom doorway with a bowl and water saying she wasn’t feeling well.

No kidding; sibling sleepovers all weekend, an overload of chocolate and excitement, and then ending the four day weekend by crying for two hours straight…of course you aren’t feeling well.

I am exhausted and so looking forward to tomorrow when life is back to normal for me. No job outside of the home, gym time and kids back to school. I hate to wish away time, but ah, Tuesday…my favourite day. :)

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April 20th, 2014

He is risen indeed. :)

Easter Sunday…a beautiful day where we all got up and got ready for church at our leisure.

Since I was concerned about spreading the chicken pox virus to babies in the nursery, I asked if someone else could fill my shoes this week. It’s my understanding that it was actually kind of tough to find someone, but someone was found to do it, and I am so grateful.

This freed me up to attend the church service. I sat with Daniel, next to Jon at the sound table way in the back. I really enjoyed it.

After church we went home and relaxed. We made a spiral ham, potatoes and broccoli for dinner; the kids gobbled up the broccoli before anything else, and then they went outside to play. Somehow I fell asleep for a couple of hours while sitting on the couch. Kind of strange. LOL

Now it’s bedtime again, and I don’t foresee any issues with falling asleep tonight. I am so tired!

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April 19th, 2014

The EB surprised the kids this morning with the chocolate hunt one day early. We bought them new bike helmets to use as their baskets as they followed the clues that the bunny left for them, and gathered their goodies.

This year the “theme” of the hunt was books and stories, so the kids were running up and down the stairs looking in books and movies to find clues that led them to more clues. They are so excited to do things like this. It’s super sweet to see them even set up their own hunts like this one through the year. I love the thought process it takes, and it makes me proud that they can think them up, and that they can solve them.

Claire and Andrew spent the morning outside in the beautiful sunshine making snow eggs from the plastic eggs they got.

Our new neighbours (whom I still have not properly welcomed to the neighbourhood) gave the kids some flowers to thank them for the chocolates we left in their mailbox earlier this week. So very sweet! :)

Jon cooked us a delicious brunch and then headed off to our first big church community event to cook hotdogs for the afternoon. Our church put on an Easter Carnival for the community and the turnout was good – over 1000 people joined us for hot dogs, chips, water, an egg hunt, bouncy castles and games.

I took the kids to the mall to search for some LEGO minifigs that they want (and didn’t find them), then we hung out at the carnival for the rest of the afternoon. It was a great day of family and friends and sunshine and fresh air! :)

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April 18th, 2014

Easter weekend begins today. We slept in and at the very last minute decided to attend a Good Friday service at a local church.

The kids weren’t on board, but we dragged them there anyway. Daniel’s pox are crusted over and I really needed church today. It was an amazing shadow show that even the kids couldn’t resist watching. Beautiful.

Somehow I missed Palm Sunday last week. How does that happen?

I’ve not missed a Sunday in the nursery at our new church yet (since we launched January 19); and I’m kind of missing attending services. I realized this morning that the church we were at for the service has a Saturday evening service and I might try to get to that occasionally. Jon pointed out that with kickboxing on Saturday mornings, and Stamp Club in the afternoons sometimes, I wouldn’t get to spend any of Saturday with him (aka he’s stuck with the kids all day ;) ). Maybe if I go every now and then just to get a time that I can sit and worship and listen and just be in a room full of worshiping believers…it is more valuable than many people know. My heart misses this; it is such a privilege to be able to sit in church! And yet so many who can, don’t.

Anyway, Good Friday…I got my reflection time in. I remembered, I felt. I feel appropriately sad today, and I’m glad for the emotion, and overcome with thankfulness.

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April 17th, 2014

I’ve shared about her before, but there is a spiteful woman in our complex. Today I read an angry email that she wrote to our management company, mainly about Jon and I. She actually comes right out and calls Jon a hypocrite in it.

This is the woman that I am trying to hard to love.

I am standing totally alone on this. My fellow board members think I’m crazy and Jon wants to move, ASAP. I love my neighbours, but contacted our realtor anyway, and told Jon to contact our mortgage lady to set up an appointment to see what kind of mortgage we are now eligible for.

I have been looking at houses online for a long time, but nothing is ever right.

The kids don’t want to move. They don’t want to leave their school or their friends, and Daniel doesn’t want to have to go to a different junior high than the one he has chosen.

It is hard to be pulled in so many different directions. Part of me wants to stay in this house. Part of me wants to stay in this community. Part of me wishes we could just go out and buy a house anywhere; try something new and live in the south, or move closer to church. My thoughts still occasionally wander to just giving up everything here and moving back to Winnipeg. It is getting harder and harder to be so far from my parents. I feel like they need me there.

I know that there is going to be an awful person on the block anywhere we live. I know that sometimes my hubby tends to make rash decisions based on one incident.

But I always have all options on my mind and all the thinking does tug my heart here there and everywhere. It is exhausting sometimes…

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April 16th, 2014

Who even gets chicken pox anymore?!?!?

Last night after we got home from Connection Group, Daniel said that he was itchy and had some spots. Jon thought they were pimples. I wondered why he would get pimples on his ankle, belly and back (most of them were on his face and scalp).

I gave him Benedryl and figured if it was chicken pox, he would be covered by this morning.

Well, he wasn’t, but I couldn’t send him to school just in case, so I kept him home. I called the doctor’s office and they didn’t want him to come in; they told me to call Health Link first and then see if they recommended he see a doctor. I called and they said it does sound like it could be chicken pox, but they can’t give a diagnosis. So, home we stayed. I emailed work and said I wouldn’t be coming in again since chicken pox is not a one day event.

I’m baffled by this because my children did get the Varicella vaccine. I guess people can still get a milder version…? No fever or cough, and only 17 spots so far, so I guess this is mild.

Still weird though.

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April 15th, 2014

Today I quit my job.

I was so nervous this morning that I couldn’t eat breakfast. I went to work and met with the lady who hired me and we decided that I would finish the week.

She was really sad to get the news, but, being a mother of four children herself, she understood. Same with the guy who trained me; father to two, said he understood. They both said things to me like, “Don’t leave me,” and “I heard the news and had tears, tears, tears.”

I totally feel appreciated by them and I do feel badly about leaving them to search for someone again; it was a really great personality and work ethic match for us all. But it turns out that I am just not ready to go back to work. I feel totally spoiled and guilty saying this. I’m not a princess, really I’m not…I just LOVE being a homemaker, a stay at home mom, a school volunteer, a childcare provider. I love going to the gym every morning, grocery shopping on week days, managing my household chores and finances like it is my job, and not an afterthought.

I’ve been home managing everything for almost 12 years now. You can’t just jump out of that into a totally different life…I thought a few hours a day would be a slow transition, but I guess I was wrong. Life-changing, I’m telling ya!

Anyway, everything went smoother than I could have imagined today. They offered for me to stay on and just take the summer off and come back in the fall, and when I said I want to be done because it is just too much right now, they told me to let them know if I am looking for something in the fall.

I feel loved. :)

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April 14th, 2014

I decided that I needed one weekday off work each week and Monday is it. Even though I have put in my resignation, I’m not changing the plan, and that means I got to go to the gym this morning for Barbell Blast!

I love lifting weights. Today I really pushed myself and lifted as heavy as I could – I went for the heaviest weights. The 20 lb barbell is pink and I remember when I started going to the classes in September, I wanted to lift that pink bar, but I couldn’t use it for any amount of time. Today was the day! I did it! I did have to drop down to the 17.5 lb bar for a few things, but I wasn’t using the light ones just ’cause I could anymore. And I won’t.

I’m so proud of my strength. :)

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April 13th, 2014

The regular Sunday day:

Church – Jon arrives at 8 for set up, does A/V. Amber and kids arrive at 9:30, Amber and one child helper play with nursery kids then tear down nursery.

Lunch – Burgers as usual. Jon stops at Superstore on the way home to purchase frozen burgers, buns and some variation on the french fry. Amber drives home and locates the grill and preheats that and the oven so Jon can cook when he gets home.

Naps – After laying on the floor in a sunbeam for awhile, exercising a little (planks and pushups with Claire on my back), I made my way to my bed to get away from the boys’ bickering.

Frozen – The movie. Still have not seen it enough times.

Twister – Because Claire REALLY wants to play a board game and her first choices don’t appeal to me (Monopoly and Smashed Potatoes).

Dinner – Lasagna and bread! And an episode of Big Brother Canada, because we all need a magazine show to add drama to our lives and teach our kids all about alliances, backdooring, planning and manipulation, right?

Arguing over bath/shower time for over an hour. An hour past bedtime, all kids in bed without baths or showers. No more electronics on Sunday afternoons. Sucks to be them.

House is a mess, glad tomorrow is Monday, kids are in school, Jon is at work for 13 hours and I am not working, so I can take out as many bags of garbage as possible and wash, dry and fold all the laundry from the past week, including the load in the washer that has been washed three times because it just can’t seem to make its way to the dryer. Yeah, that.

And now, BED! Only one hour later than my ideal time. I had a nap though, so it balances, right?

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